Swart R-2 Ribbon Microphone Demo

Here's a quick look at the Swart R-2 Ribbon Microphone with a few guitar amplifiers. 

Kemper Rig Manager v3.0 Beta Editor

Just released 12.06.19 is the Kemper Rig Manager v3.0 Beta Editor. Here's quick run through.

Dusky D2O Play Through

Hey guys. Here's a quick play through demo of the Dusky D2O. It's a simple yet very cool amp with octal pre-amp tubes. 

HH Electronic IC100 Play Through

Hey guys, check out this awesome vintage amp. It is a piece of Rock-n-Roll history. The HH Electronic IC100 is the sound of Marc Bolan and T-Tex from the 1970's. This solid state amp sound also was also used by Pink Floyd, Sweet, The Clash, Soft Machine, and many others. 

Kemper Stage Profile Tweaks

Here's a quick shot at taking at look at the Kemper Profiler Stage's amplifier parameters and how to tweak them. 

Carol Ann OD Custom Play Through

Here's a demo of an amazing one of a kind amp. The Carol Ann OD Custom is based on an amp designed originally for Joe Bonamassa. It's a monster 100 watt tone machine. Check it out.

Kemper Stage Profile Session

Here's a quick video about amp profiling with Kemper Stage and comparing the results. Check out more at TJontheRoad.com

Lab Series L5 - Play Through

Here's a quick play though demo of the vintage solid state Lab Series L5 amp. It's a fun and unique amp with lots of tones on tap.

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